Last Summer in Thasos

Vines in the sun - Last Summer in Thasos - Tania Metalli

Vines and grapes on the balcony of our rented studio flat. It doesn’t get better than this.

View with sails - Last Summer in Thasos - Tania Metalli

I always manage to get one shot like this. Every single summer holiday.

fluttering insect/bird - Last Summer in Thasos - Tania Metalli

I thought they were the stuff of legends, but here it is: a hummingbird moth! Leisurely drinking nectar just outside our window.

a rest by the beach - Last Summer in Thasos - Tania Metalli

After walking in the heat we ended up here, where a lovely old lady (and smart business woman) offered us a sit in the shade.

Ancient olive trees - Last Summer in Thasos - Tania Metalli

Ancient olive trees spread across the whole island. I don’t think I’ve ever seen trunks like these before.

Turquoise sea  - Last Summer in Thasos - Tania Metalli

I speak often about my love for the sea…I think it’s calling me. Again.

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Mini Saga n.8 — Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap - Photography by Tania Metalli

I mind the gap all the bloody time! 
Until I didn't, and slipped through the crack. 
Through broken glasses and mobile phones I saw a tunnel that went on. And on I went.
I was hoping to find a portal to a new land, but I ended up in Brixton.

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Mini sagas are short, self-contained stories, of exactly 50 words. I’m using them as a way to practise storytelling. Sometimes inspired by a photograph, other times they are the inspiration for images, to complement the stories.

Postcards from Bruges

Views of Bruges' canals - photography by Tania Metalli

Bruges is stunning. Picture postcard perfect. So much to see and do. And eat

Hotel Pand in Bruges - photography by Tania Metalli

Room and breakfast (or what’s lefts of it) a the Pand hotel, right in the centre of town.

Night views of Bruges

I found it particularly beautiful at night. Maybe because there are less people around. The light works to create a magic atmosphere.

Being a tourist in Bruges - photography by Tania Metalli

We walked everywhere. My step counter nearly popped. And me with it.

Shop fronts, old and new - photography by Tania Metalli

Shops of all kind, from quirky to avant garde.

Leffe and Brugse Zot, trying different beers in Bruges - photography by Tania Metalli

We tried as many types of beer that we could, but didn’t even scratch the surface.

coffee and cakes

And did I mentioned the cakes?

Contrasting architecture in Bruges - photography by Tania Metalli

I love the contrasting styles.

Swans everywhere in Bruges

I’ve never seen that many swans in my life. They pretty much own the place. Of course, they are the symbol of the city.

Brasserie d'Achouffe and La Trappe

Experimenting with lighting effects in the dark pub. While beer tasting, naturally.

details: wood  staircase and lace-like net in Bruges

Love the details! Especially the lace-like fence.

Contrasting architecture in Bruges

I couldn’t get enough of the contrasts.

Details of Bruges

I’m not sure who left the bicycle parked there, but it seemed to be a feature. And what about the bench, practically in the canal? For those hot summer days, when you need to freshen up after a long walk, I guess

the busy centre and the quiet outskirt of Bruges

Overwhelmed by the crowds of tourists in the town centre? (I was!) Luckily there are oasis of quiet and peace just a little walk away.

All photos taken with iPhone5 and edited with VSCO Cam.

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